Helping YOU to Become an Independent Project Management Consultant

Everything you need to make it on your own. 

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How I Can Help You

Teaching and Support for PMPs Who Want to Consult


Group Coaching Program

Live and online teaching with Steven

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Setting Up Your Business

Sales, marketing, back-office, getting clients...

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The Mastermind

Become a member of the global community.

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The Lagility

Get certificated and listed as a consulting PMP

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Group Coaching Program

Online, Live Course: Learning the Ropes of Becoming a Freelance Consultant


You want to hit the ground running. And there's a lot to do.

Great preparation is the key to getting most things right first go, so this group coaching course is designed to help you get up to speed quickly and with knowledge.

You will learn how to:

  • Time Management. (Don't waste your time - Bill It!)

  • Market yourself effectively. (You get a whole module on marketing.)

  • Negotiate terms, write proposals, maximize income. 

  • Find clients. (Important one, this!)

  • Build and develop your confidence, reputation and skills as a PM. 

  • The Psychology and Mindset of Consulting. 

You will get more money, location and time flexibility, confidence, capability, independence, collaboration and much more.

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Setting Up Your Business...

Service Provision: Sales, marketing and back-office functions


Many of the most important functions that you need to embrace are not really much to do with your core business expertise. And Marketing and Sales are very important! 

The key aim here is to keep your focus on what you do best and what brings in the most money. So I provide support services to give you the reassurance that the business is coming in, and free you up to focus on delivery. I will help you with your: 

  • Website and eCommerce

  • Testimonials & Referrals

  • Course Creation and Video Production

  • Quiz Creation and Sales Funnel Automation

  • Back Office Support and Support Desk

  • CRM and Proposal Tracking.

I will also give you an entire course in marketing, so you can understand the discipline for yourself. 

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Mastermind Group 

Membership Community: We're all in this together.


At Lagility we draw together all the different roles in project management to create an eclectic and highly knowledgeable community of professionals into a Mastermind Group. 

Benefits include: 

  • A deep and extensive pool of knowledge, experience and best practices. 

  • Provide partnerships, collaborations and support. 

  • Talks, articles and educational webinars.

  • Economies of scale in shared resources (such as, technology, group software licences, templates, skills and training...).

  • Professional services (Accounting, legal, technical...).

  • Back office support, peer group support, and much more.

You may be independent, but you are not alone! 

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your journey to freedom

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  • Discuss your options and ambitions. 

  • Identify where you are strong and where you need support to be successful.

  • Make a plan to take you forward in your life and career. 

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