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To Help Project Management Professionals Gain Independence and Financial Success as Consultants.

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A world in which project managers have access to the education, tools and services to go it alone, start their own business, make more money, reduce stress, and find fulfilment in their career as PMP consultants.

Steven's Story

My Journey to Help Project Managers go Solo

1982 - 1993

A Good Start in Life... 

I'm a native California boy — born there, raised there, educated there, married there, raised my children there. I have three daughters and one son. Family and parenthood - now there’s a major project to manage! 

I was lucky and my childhood was full of fun and opportunity. Skiing, nature, a cabin in Yosemite, hiking and camping. I appreciate what I have, and I love to give back. The church has kept me humble; As a child I sang in the choir, and later in my life I served in my church providing food for the local food bank. I would even plan and cook the meals occasionally for about 20 homeless people. I would also go to the food bank and pack foods for families and then deliver to their houses.

It’s good to keep a perspective, right?!


1993 - 2005

An Unexpected Twist… 

I also loved to be constructive and I learned early the value of a day’s work. My grandfather had a boat business and I learned to repair boats. I became a licensed Mercury Marine Sterndrive mechanic when I was a teenager and worked as a boat mechanic for many years during the summers when I was going to college to earn money. I also rebuilt my parents Ford Ltd V8 engine when I was 13 years old. 

It’s interesting how these things come back for you. After I finished my Engineering degree,  when I went for a job with IBM the manager there hired me because I’d built a hot rod — 1965 Ford Mustang - and he loved cars. It had nothing to do with the job he hired me for! 


1993 - 2005


In 1993, IBM was not doing well and I opted to go it alone. I ventured into consulting as a computer and software engineer for small businesses, and actually ended up starting my first significant business: I built an Internet service provider (ISP).  For a while I was the only ISP in my county! 

I learned everything there is to know about large-scale project management within IBM and independent consulting, and while running the ISP for 12 years I learned all there is to know about running and maintaining a business. 

Over time, I came to realise that computers and business are rather impersonal and clinical. What was missing from my life was my desire to help others. 


2005 - 2016

Pulling it All Together

It took me a while to find a way to use my skills AND fulfill my desire to help others. 

In the end, it was right there in front of me! My two major skill-sets fascinated me and came together in a shape I realised could help others! I could help people who were ‘stuck’ in their working lives, who wanted to gain independence, find themselves and earn more money for themselves and their families. 

I care for people and their success and now I have found a way to give back. I can teach and train and assist other project managers in how to consult and operate their consulting practices.

I love it! I have found my niche, and now I am looking forward to helping YOU! 


Figured out the effective tool to market & do SEO my own software company. Understood that I would love to share my knowledge with the world


Partnered with Samuel Cook to create a working technology & platform to market small and medium business using storytelling techniques


Steven Souther

Creator of Methods, Tools, & Training Delivering Projects Ahead of Schedule 

My passion is working with Project Management Professionals who desire to continuously improve their performance. 

I coach and teach the “Lagility Method” of Project Management. This method includes 15 years of professional project management experience, with hundreds of complex projects, thousands of staff resources, and budgets running into the hundreds of millions of dollars. 

I am fortunate to have been a personal student of Edward Deming, so of course the Lagility Method embraces Dr. Deming’s “Plan, Do, Check, Act” (PDCA) techniques. 

Another key influence on the method is Jeff Sutherland’s SCRUM principles. 

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